Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why video games are not all evil

Some Christians I know are completely anti video games. Me? My motto is "Shut up and frag." I love games. I play all kinds of genres - rts, fps, rpg, simulation games, turn-based games... the whole enchilada.

Games that involve magic or wizards or dragons or ghosts are supposedly so evil that one risks excommunication if one were to reveal that he took first place in a frag fest. For the record, I only took second place. This time.

But to the point, some games I play involve magic. One of my favorite games is simply titled Magic. Does this make me a non Christian because I play games? I think not.
First of all, it is a game. It is not any attempt to channel energy or invoke demons or worship Satan or denounce God. It is a game.

Second, these games are another venue for me to reach others. Every time I play a game with someone, Christ shines through me and my behavior influences those I play with.

Third, it's no worse than watching something like "The wizard of oz". It's obviously not reality, it's imaginative and fun.

There are obviously some games that are simply over the edge. Games that encourage rape or murder are bad news, no matter how detached someone is from the game. But in general, a game that involves magic is not by that fact alone a Satan-inspired game.

The chronicles of Narnia are riddled with magic. Does that make those books evil? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. The books have been a beacon for reaching others with the gospel through imagination.The use of magic in these books and in most video games are simply a device in an imaginary world completely unlike reality.


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