Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some video games really are evil

Okay, so after I published the "why video games are not all evil" post, I got sucked into Oblivion. The game, you insensitive clod.

One of my friends back in Kansas was raving on and on about the game, and he's usually been pretty fanatic about games I usually wouldn't enjoy that much, so I was a little skeptical. But apparently, Oblivion is the game to get these days. It's like World of Warcraft without all the little kids.

I'm borderline addicted to the game right now. Remember how I said that games which encourage murder are bad news? Well, this game has certain paths that you can take that involve murder. So it's bad news, right? Yeah, it is. Don't let your kids play it. The game is perfectly playable without the darker elements, so I don't roleplay the darker elements of the game. The game is really whatever you want to make it into.

I was emailing with Jessica and I came up with the following addiction levels:

Stage 1: Trying the game out, testing all of its intricacies, having fun exploring.

Stage 2: On a mission. Don't know what that mission is, but I'm on it and won't stop until it's finished.

Stage 3: Hopelessly addicted. I have finished the game twice, but now I'm doing it in creative ways. I constantly think about the game and wish to play it during all of my free time.

Stage 4: I have created more free time by neglecting all of my responsibilities. I can't get enough of the game. Haven't eaten in days.

Stage 5: Reality sets in.. There is life beyond the game. I realize this and quit the game.

Stages 6-9 are a repeat of stages 2-5 after a couple months have gone by.

Stages 10-13 are a repeat of stages 2-5 after a couple more months have gone by.

Stage 14: I come to the realization that the game is crack and I never play it again.

Stages 15-18 are a repeat of stages 2-5.

Stage 19: I burn the game.

Stage 20: I buy the game.

Stages 21-40 are a repeat of stages 1-20.


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