Sunday, April 16, 2006

That's Why We Praise Him

Since it's Easter Sunday, I thought I'd share a snippet from a song called "That's Why We Praise Him", which pretty much wraps up the Easter message:
He came to live, live a perfect life
He came to be the living Word of light
He came to die, so we'd be reconciled
He came to rise to show His power and might

[...] He gave His everything
His name is Jesus. He gave His everything for whoever believes in Him. Whoever, not just some select few.

This is not something we need to be keeping to ourselves. The whole world should know this!

I am writing a song right now, and its tag line is this:

"he came, he died, he conquered and arose".

Share this good news in anyway you can. Get a bumper sticker. Hand out easter eggs with the message inside. Write posts on the internet. Write songs. Anything... just share the good news! That's why we praise him!


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