Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Family Association thinks H.R. 1592 helps silences Christians

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I have to admit, this is among the most absurd AFA fear-uncertainty-doubt articles (FUD) I've ever read. The bill in question, which enjoys co-sponsorship from republicans and democrats, is a very good hate-crimes bill that in no way, shape, or form lays any groundwork for silencing any viewpoint whatsoever. The bill doesn't protect "certain classes of people" or prevent you from having whatever opinion you want on homosexuality. It does, however, authorize the Attorney General to provide technical, forensic, prosecutorial, or other assistance in the criminal investigation or prosecution of any hate crime.

It's a CRIME bill that recognizes that many groups of people, including those of a particular sexual orientation, are victims of HATE crimes. It doesn't stop at homosexuals. Did you know that hate crimes against Christians are applicable here? That's right, if some anti-Christian group decides to commit heinous crimes against a Christian simply because that person is a Christian, then this bill kicks in and gives the attorney general extra help in investigating the crime.

The following scriptures are just a few of the many in support of this bill. Those who commit heinous crimes out of hate violate these scriptures and should be dealt with swiftly.

Genesis 1:26-27 - all humans are created in the image and likeness of God.
James 2:4 - those who discriminate are evil
Matthew 25:40 - whatever you do for the least of these brothers, you do for me.
Acts 10:34-35 - God does not show favoritism and accepts all God-fearing people.