Thursday, March 15, 2007

Christians and the Climate

I'm confused as to why American Christians want to make climate
change--specifically ignoring or even rejecting climate change--a
religious topic whereas the rest of the world doesn't. There's no
Biblical reason for Christians to be polarized against this issue.
Moses did not record, "Thou shalt ignore scientists when they preacheth
doom and gloom." Jesus did not say, "When the scientists claim
disaster, rejoice! For they knoweth nothing!" Paul did not state, "For
God so loved the world that he encouraged man to pollute and ruin God's
creation." It's not a religious topic, it has no bearing on our
salvation, and it has nothing at all to do with believing in God. We
are to be stewards of the earth!

For those who want to treat "believing" in climate change and mankind's
impact on climate change as a "faith", let me propose to you Pascal's
famous wager that was used to convert millions of people to
Christianity: "believing in God and going to Heaven with a chance of
finding out later he is not real - is infinitely better than not
believing in God, yet finding out later he does exist, and going to
hell." The same is very true with climate change - stopping our
"unscientific, junk-science" harm to the environment and doing our best
to stave off alleged catastrophe is infinitely better than not believing
we have an impact, doing nothing -- or making it worse, and then finding
out later that the scientists were right. Believing that climate change
is a farce takes just as much faith, if not more, than believing it is

back from temporary hiatus

in the past two months, several life-changing events took place:

-I took the prelims.
-I passed the prelims. (WOOT!)
-We had to move out of state.
-I took a new job.
-I started work with a professor.
-We started selling our house.
-We started looking for a new house / apartment.
-We are traveling back and forth frequently between MA and DE.

that's about it.