Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Teen disciplined for creating campus replica

When I read this headline, I was absolutely appalled. A school discovered that one of its students had created a map of the school's campus for the video game "counter strike" and completely freaked out. Counter strike is a FPS where you basically blast terrorists. Yes, it's a violent game involving guns. But is this something for a school to freak out about?!?

When I was an undergrad at a Christian college, I had created a map of our campus for the game Doom 2. (Wow, that dates me a bit!) Not only did I make a map of the school campus, I also made a map of our house and other real buildings. It's fun making maps of familiar places. I obviously didn't plan on any terrorism acts inside my own house! Anyway, my (Christian) friends and I had a blast blowing each other up in familiar buildings. Is this at all related to any terrorist activity?!? Lord help us, because we've got a host of bible-thumping terrorists at large in the US if this is the case!!

Being someone who strangely enjoyed creating a map of a familiar area for the sole purpose of blowing up monsters and other hapless fellow players who happened to be wielding BFG3000's, I can assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. It's a creative outlet that adds more fun to a game. The motivation is purely that of "wouldn't it be cool to annihilate each other in the cafeteria" as opposed to "let's use this map as a training ground for killing real people."


Blogger Cory said...

man, I wish I could have played that map!

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