Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Song: Save Me

verse in mixolydian (sometimes borrowing the third), chorus in harmonic aeolian.

strings, piano, bass, distortion guitar, drums, and accoustic guitar. I'll put up an mp3 minus the vocals because everyone knows I can't sing.

suggestions welcome.


I'm so cold, I've lost any feeling.
I can't stand being so alone.
I don't have any choice in the matter.
To make everything better, my sin must die.

Pre chorus:

Jesus, why have I forsaken you?
Why do I struggle, stumble, abandon you?


Save me, heal me, save me from my inner self.
I'm breaking into pieces, God please put me back together.
Save me, heal me, save me from insanity.
God, bring me back from my prodigal sojourn into the depths of sorrow.

I left you, I ran away,
I mocked you and flaunted my sin in your face.
I've turned my back on you so many times.
Oh God, won't you unseparate me from you.

c solo
c accoustic


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